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I want something like this.

Okay, when I am working with my clients and everything is going as per strategy and for the growth of the brand I hate it when these clients send me screenshots saying “I want something like this”

I’ve one client who keeps on sending me and telling me things I know already. Why don’t they remember that – “Your brand is different from other brand. You get it!? You can’t copy me. What you can do is take some inspiration from me”

This client goes through busts of energy where they feel like they are gonna get all their products sold off in a single day just by posting and all the jazz. I uploaded a sleek reel and then they deleted it. Like how professional these people are and how frustrated they’ve become that no sales are happening.

If you agree with me. The best tool is Instagram reel. And when we are using all the ways which includes posts, lives and all. Reels can be used too.

We educate our customers about our brand. And that’s always important. We are not only targeting out potential customers but also our retaining customers.

I am just gonna cool my jets. Stay calm! And stop myself from firing my client.

This client pays $$ to random promotion pages. My recommendation is that you shall never I REPEAT never pay such pages. Invest in ads and take it from there. Doesn’t matter how many followers you have. If all are fake followers and no one is willing to buy or they are not even from your nation then your $$ are wasted. Straight away gone! Boom!!

What’s the use them taking any course and doing all that jazz.

When you have outsourced help you shall be working and shall have full focus on the product and elevate it.

Frustration makes people do loads of foolish stuff.

You and me have fallen prey to that stupidity as well at a certain point.

(to be continued…)

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