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Tokyo Olympics | Closing Ceremony | Arigato

Today in the evening after a nice Sunday afternoon nap I sat across the streaming app and saw the amazing closing ceremony happening live. What an extravaganza that was to my eyes.

I’ve been keeping up with the Olympics here and there and just that’s it. Olympic fanatics here used to celebrate whenever anyone grabbed the medal and hence posting stories and all that things.

India only won 1 gold medal in Javelin throw. I know!

My favourite memories of this Tokyo Olympics was that Crochet guy who won four medals in diving /swimming. Just amazing!

I just want India to be more great at sports other that cricket. The sport authority of India need to take notice that in such a populous country only one guy is capable of winning the gold and other contingent grabs silver and runner up medals. I know that too needs some hard work. But gold is gold right. That creates history! Jo jeeta wohi sikandar.

Again with some introspection I thought whether India will ever host the Olympics and the instant answer was obviously nope.

  • Space: Definitely we have space but not spaces one can rely on to gather the best players from around the world and host the same by keeping the standard of the IOC intact.
  • Experience: We definitely have hosted commonwealth and International cricket world cups but that’s just the stadium we have. Apart from that we completely don’t have a certain infrastructure.
  • Cooperation: If you remember Mr Bach thanking the Tokyo Mayor and authorities for cooperating and adhering to the guidelines. I doubt if any Indian authority will at least hint any cooperation and avoid any mess.
  • Electricity and lights and cleaning: Assume, we are still in the pandemic, are our authorities willing to spend so much funds on providing electricity and cleaning which they hardly do.
  • Finances: To host anything you need to have a strong backbone and reserves and I feel India hardly has anything remaining after hitting the rock bottom earlier this year.

World needs to learn from Japan. How they hosted an Olympics practically. So well! Discipline is in their blood.

It was super 8th August 2021 indeed.

Loved the closing ceremony or any winning game? Let me know.

Olympics 2024 is in Paris, France. I think I will try to reach advance level of French but won’t utter a single word when the day finally arrives.

J’adore la tu🥂

Very candid❤️

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