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Sheroes Hangout

Today you would be reading about the Hang out place which is "Sheroes" It is one of the Hangout place started by acid attack survivors. I would like to get their story here on this article as much as I could because they are really inspiring. So, I simply found about this place when I… Continue reading Sheroes Hangout

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World Mental Health Day!!

Hey!! How are you? Okay.. How are you feeling..? Fine? Good? Sad? Pleasant? Blissful? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? Depressed? Do you feel sad for the long time which have caused depression? It's okay to feel that way. I m glad you know how you feel and there is something you shall work on. On your mental health!… Continue reading World Mental Health Day!!

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Talking with my specs on#5

Hi!! Hope you are doing well..!! Whatever we do, whatever life philosophy we try to imbibe in our lives, something is there in the whole world which is going to affect us. Something that is going to shake us up. And that could be anything. Are we so weak that anything can affect us? And… Continue reading Talking with my specs on#5