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July: Love and Relationships 2021

Hello fellas!

I am very high after getting vaccinated. Ready for him! So, the guy I dated earlier this year came back again and he is good and all but I am not ready to let him in my zone because I hate that so much ambivalence exist.

But there is someone who is the thought of the season. He is kind and a way exciting for me. A perfect care package for a hot girl monsoon here.

We have got lots of similarities but still we are very much different.

I spoke with him a lot and he was very much ready to take me on. Like very much which I really adore. Firey energy.

Next time we will be meeting I will be shooting some questions at him and studying his ways.

For me a guy needs to be very much well at what he does and I have an Excel sheet where I fill in all the details.

This guy has made it through and I would like to explore him more. Not only its me who’s interested but its also him. I am thinking of getting on birth control to keep the pregnancy scares away. Yes! That’s the thing. This time I am gonna go wild and not let that hold me up.

Will see how things goes. I’ll be hottie of town once I am fully vaxxed.

We’ve come long way and I am ready to keep my heart open and learn to receive all the love in the world.

So, let’s start with some discernment. You know this space is for open-minded people.

1) How does he behave?

He appears to be well sorted. But sometimes he just never gets the hints such as to take a time and kiss me hard when I am literally showing the signs. He is into business and works as well. I feel he is also going through certain life changes which he haven’t specifically spoken to me yet.

2) Am I afraid to ask questions just because I am scared everything will change??

I get more value when I am not afraid to ask certain questions to the men I have in my life. Sure they will have a good laugh and they will remember the way I made them feel forever but I also challenge and push their buttons which will either abolish the potential relationship from growing or will accelerate and grow the relationship further. I hope it made sense. I’ve got nothing to loose! I am not afraid of cutting ties. That doesn’t scare me at all.

3) Love and Sex and everything in between.

He seems very much impressive. He just throws hints of impression all the time. He throws his shower pics and I throw my pictures where I am showing off my rabbit teeth (pls laugh) He desires to see my hot pics but I don’t want to send those. Because since the start he have ever seen me I have been all candid. Nothing flashy and I have made/ just happened too many guys fall for that. Yo! Talking about sex I have lots of things in my mind and if I receive a hint of love and romance I will be completely of the hook. Take me and show me whatever you wanna show. But, yes. The thing is the guy needs to be someone I can rely on. (Everything shall be discussed: note to myself)


What happens when the guy you went to meet and the guy who wanted to meet you were basically in the same place. One is staring at you from kitchen because he is a chef and the other one is talking and showing his phone and stuff. I was at restaurant to review certain stuff and my boys were generous huggers and jealous of the scene. Neither of these young lads knew this thing that the girl is watching both of them tasting waters. The chef guy kept messaging but didn’t had any guts to come at the table and say Hi! But later said he got jealous. The other guy who was sitting along wanted to meet again as he just wants to hang out and make out and enjoy and have fun. He later gave a rain check and I was all okay with it and I went somewhere else. I had so many plans already. Are we meeting again? Lord knows.

Let’s see how things roll. Wish me luck and let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Keep your heart open and love. Love yourself first!

Also, I am starting a new project very soon where I will be talking about beauty, luxury and uncharted territory.

Thanks so much for reading. Means so much to me.

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