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Filters #1{1 min. Read}


I hope you read what exactly I want you to read.. And not something else..!!!

Sometimes we human beings just presume anything which Is not even there like.. We feel that our partner Is hiding something and the reality is.. He don’t hide anything!!

We run our thoughts behind rumours and gossip.. The things we hear..
The things we hear are false sometimes..
And the things we see aren’t that way…
Maybe they looked different because of the new invention called filters.. Which makes your ‘just woke up face” look pretty as if you had a shower.. With filters..!! You may look good in Mayfair…or Nashville filter… You may look too different in dusky Or black and white filters..!!

Your hands Can work wonders..!!
Not just to make your partner go wild but also to make your pictures look… Different then they are..

The feel where you wear full clothes and change the filter and the man in front sees it… As if you aren’t wearing anything…

Offshoulder… Sleeveless… Blah.. Blah.. Blah.. Are the trends.. Which shows you miles and miles of skin we own.. We own it!!
Your assumptions are shit…


Now!! This picture brought in lots of questions.. Like hotness.. Sexiness and stuffs… I answered them..!! I meant to have fun and enjoy the testosterone spikes the male reader were experiencing and expecting…

But in reality the picture was a sleeveless top..
I just switched to black and white and pinned in that question box right there… To generate assumptions!!



I loved it..!!

9 thoughts on “Filters #1{1 min. Read}

  1. lol..really i was thinking the same you might have shaded the picture of sleeveless.. still it was a hot and sexy..reallyed helped us testing our fact i was used to such pictures these days..and in fact in ad industry they do lot of such stuff doesn’t make any feel to me. but yea if had not that thought it must have been very good

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