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Who else…

“Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega jaise me kartee hun”

Someone in some way comes in your heart even though you avoid it. There is always someone in your life who will make you feel crazy and helpless. Feel lucky about it.. The love is the feeling which shall be celebrated even if it’s not being reciprocated. It’s hard that way… But that’s the beauty!!
When in love you definitely have him in your thoughts anticipating what he is doing and what he is up-to.. You visit his heart daily… If he is like a wind.. You cope up with him like a sand which flies along with the wind..
Who will love you like this?



Listen to the song Kaun Tujhe !! I hope you will like it..

This is the melodious song of Bollywood and worth listening to.

It doesn’t matter in what chaotic surrounding you are in. It doesn’t matter how much crowded the place is… What all matters is that my eyes finds its ultimate destination when they find you… Finally..  It keeps on looking….

There is confidence on our own self. There is the period where we don’t care whether the person is even caring as much as we do.. It stops..
You know, at the end what we all want to feel cared, appreciated..
And if it’s not happening one leaves..
And… May be… They want to get chased..
May be they want to take a break…
So many possibilities!!

Why someone feels to get so much tough??
Think about it… I m sure you know..

For you may be.. You misunderstand love so much which is proving devastating..


When a woman who loves you allows you to go.. And let’s you go.. Doesn’t stop you.. or disturb you.. but gives you total space to experience life and people you have around.. and just gives you freedom.. she’s is the women who loves you.. the MOST..
She is the women who have shown you everything.. She is the one who have shared with you almost everything when you were NEAR and CLOSE to her..
She is the one who wants you to be in her NOW always.. But..
She let’s you free..
She allows you to be anything..
She is brave…
She knows..
She dares..!!
She’s more than that..
She deserves more than those three days of attention and care…
She’s not your vacation.. Deal her like she is your life..
She deserves to be with you for all the year through.. She deserves it!!
Not a day or two just to call it as a fun..
There is major missing in her heart for your presence..
She wants more!!
It’s more…!!
So when you are ready..
Come and get her…

There are people who are great..
Who else will bless like our parents do?? They are the one and only..
Who else will write this..?? Of course me.. (haha)
If it’s not you who else will read this?
Thanks for reading!!

[ hey reader!!  I hope I spoke up your heart]

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Take care!!

Spread love!!


4 thoughts on “Who else…

  1. How are you, my friend. I love your comments as usual. For me loving another person requires you to support and encourage them to be all they can be. I am just back from holidays. How is your summer going?


    1. Hello!!
      I m great…
      You are kind and loving.. Sir!!
      I m glad your holidays were good..
      Here in my nation it’s monsoon time…


  2.’s really good post..super ya.. Been long time talked to u. how is that going ? insta? be connected with @alienpoet2018


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