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She shares with me!


The courage to hear the truth, the courage to say to your own self that You are enough, the courage to go the other way and tell all…that you are strong, the courage to uplift your mood when that’s what going down, the courage to live with someone ..some of these belong to different frequencies. 

You show courage or not.. Truth remains same.. Life goes on!! 

So! ! It did for her too..

Entering in teenage Clara began to see the hairs over her body. On her nipples, belly and other areas. She was panicked!

She shared with her mother and asked her to do waxing… As a temporary!! Atleast !!

Her parents didn’t treated this. She on her own researched and was okay with what’s all it is and accepted. Her parents Left her case in the middle and that was the moment where she wanted them to be with her.. 

She was naive and then .. She picked up the scissors and cut the hairs which grew thicker later..

PARENTS need to be with their children… Always!!

So !! She was brave.. 

She had courage to accept it..

Universe gave her what she wanted at that moment and it was freedom to choose. Being okay with what it is and living life to the fullest. At any cost!!

She tried all the hair removal material available in the market. Doing that, she receives all the pleasures she deserves.

She deserves lots good things and they come along her way. .


The moral is:

“You are capable, that’s why god throws some situations at you” Stay calm…!!! 

Remember!! You are beautiful and wonderful creation.




I hope you liked it and thanks for reading it.

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5 thoughts on “She shares with me!

    1. Hey!!
      Thank you so much!!
      I hope in some way it have empowered you..

      Aahh!! I would love to write on your blog too… Zara!!
      Let me know..


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