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New Year #1

Hey!!  Hope you are doing great.. 
I was just roaming here and there at the marketplace. 

The ‘New Year’ calender got my attention. I felt nostalgic.  I was feeling excited and bad at the same time. I was having excitement but down somewhere . I was feeling bad that 2017 is ending. Just one month left to step in The New Year 2018!!

Just like you I was struck by saying that “hey!! Girl.. It’s November”!!

New year count down have begun. 2017 till now was just like it came and is going.  I am trying to catch but everything is spinning and slipping off. It’s very hard to hold on for some moments. 

Good things happened as well as not good things too. I am happy with what I have learned, acquired and transformed myself into and yet to be sharp myself up. 

Till date all the days were amazing.  If someone asks me which was the best day in 2017 ? I can’t answer because there were many… !!

All those days were like drops in the of 2017. It made 2017!!

I tend to dream every year to go at the pub and welcome the New Year by dancing and drinking.  But till now it turns out to be like I am at my home. I hope I will have fun on the New Year eve in the upcoming years. 

I want to have fun with my own company and the total new folks I will meet at the place where I’m going for celebration.  No boys!!  Sometimes I feel that this fuckin boys leave impressions on best occasions of our lives and live us for getting scars as we remember them later on. Whatever,  they make those moments bang on special!!! 
Let me know in the comments down below what’s making  your 2017 amazing. 

I will be coming up with the happenings happened in 2017 so far.. So stay tuned!! 

3 thoughts on “New Year #1

  1. We all know if there is darkness then there is light as well … If there is a morning then there is a night as well….. Well we see the nature is so much balanced 😉
    So y do we want to hold on to good moments ….. If we dont go through bad times we will never understand the importance of those good moments…. So go with the flow … And stay balanced 😉

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