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The game of priority



I am raising the bar of priorities this days.

I have witnessed and literally feel that as I am growing older the less tolerant I am towards BS. Literally!!

I don’t give a fuck about what others thing and no more consider myself as a people pleaser.

A lot changed since I have started earning and building my own business. The empire!

I am allowing the bygones to be bygones and being future oriented and practical.

Of course, I have chose to be like this after being all of that. Haha!

For sure, I loved that!! But, I was just a college graduate getting through studies and stuff. But, now as I am making a start towards the new decade and maneuvering my twenties I know what I want the most.

Being my own boss!

Can any man appear in front of me who will dominate me more than I do and have real balls?

The one thing I am looking out for is that he shall be too good. Aligns with vision and makes sure we are on the same page. Oh yeah! Orgasms!! Very important!!

Talking about losing friendship and letting go. Doesn’t matter! It doesn’t affect me anymore!!

What I want are good people who dream!

I am loving this phase so much!

6 thoughts on “The game of priority

  1. gret to know to being a biz woman..well…gud luck…and ya…everyman has ya…it depends how u wanna be treated….well said

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