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All is well #1

Hello Loves!

Today I am writing because I am feeling a lot to express my feelings and thoughts. I just want to get here in this nook and talk.

What I want right now just like you is getting away with the outbreak and keep doing the work and being happy.

I am home. Actually, I do work from home already so it doesn’t really matter. But, now each school, college and all are been closed and will open their gates on March 31st.

Oh yes!

The way I used to go for movie reviews, I can’t go as the theaters are closed too. Okay!

The people who’s one source of income is watching movies. How and what they’ll do?

There are lots of people who feed on cultural events occurring around.

Well, I am loving those people who are creating funny content around.

Those Italian people are so dope! Love them!

I know one thing for sure, a solution will be there and we might be just one step away from finding it. There is a solution!

Everything will be okay!

All is well!!

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