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Bitter stance | turning20web



We get admission first in school and there we are kids and later we get at the college.
We are students!!

But there are hardships.
There are facts.
We have to accept it & move ahead!

All these makes us feel that we have turned into  a bitter person.
A person which can’t be breaked and the one don’t give a shit about Anything. Yes!! A bitter person who isn’t sweet to anyone..

Things change!!
Sometimes for good…

But if we have a good attitude towards our external sources than shall not at all affect our true nature which is love and sweetness.
Our heart holds love and it’s our true passion TO LOVE

So!! Never ever hold back your sweet and loving nature. Give as much you could and be proud of it that you are healing someone.




Just be more smart!! That’s it!!

Let them be : We can’t change the way people and our peers think so just let them be. Be your own bae!

Dare to love and leave: Look!! If you want to live a happy life see to it that you dare to love and when it’s time it’s better to leave and let live… I know you know what’s mean.

Be bitter: Yeah!! I know people will say in many posts that be sweet and all. But this is also important that you are not the naive material all the time. Say NO when it’s time and Say YES when your heart says.

Excel in everything : Two or things may wait or may be you couldn’t do it.. But there shall lots of things you SHALL DO.

So!! I have shared with you the four ultimate points which will make your college life happy and no one will dare to USE you.

So!! Feel free to share and let me know your thoughts.

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Take care!!

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