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Talking about silence | turning20web


Hey!! I hope that the month is being good with you.

And you are being good to yourself too..
Because you are reading this article.

They say silence have secrets,

They say silence can avoid lots of fights,

They say if you are quiet then you keep lots of stupid conversations at bay,

And that’s truly said!

But it’s the fact that we just can’t be silent all the time if something bad is happening. You have to be calm and deal with it.
Lion never roars all the time…

It’s the matter how strong your mentality is.

When you are angry and choose to be calm,
Your soul and mind will thank you for that.
We come across various people and they may let you down sometimes,
But it’s totally up-to you how strongly and devotionaly you practice silence.

As I read the proverb
“Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than the silence.” Spanish Proverb

Yes! Silence is powerful.
You know foolish people don’t need our answers
Our silence slaps them hard,
Because they get confused why aren’t we reacting.

You have to find out why the person is being silent,
Absolutely it’s required that you be expressive,
But not loud.

Keep calm..

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Take care!

8 thoughts on “Talking about silence | turning20web

  1. Very nice write up. Lots of good thoughts in the article.
    I’d like to add one – When we can sit in silence with someone and be really comfortable in that silence , that shows how deeply we are connected with that person. Otherwise people always just try to break the silence and initiate a conversation where it’s not flowing smoothly. For me , silence is being comfortable with the flow. ☺️

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