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Rose day!!

Hi! Love birds Valentine’s week begins from tomorrow. Even though you are single you can love yourself too. It’s me day for you.

Yippee!! I m single too. And love roses. It’s first day of the Valentine’s week rose day!!

Valentine week is the week when I see flowers, glow on faces, teddy, love!! There’s lot of love rush at the cafes. There is tension mounting on cute faces who are gonna propose her. And there is slight glow on her face just because of anticipation. Wow!!

Rose day!! You also know what it’s all about. Yellow roses, white one and red for love.

In India, there is ‘gajra’ garland which women tuck in the hairs. Sometimes their hubby’s get them one. Romantic!! So are roses,they melt the girl’s heart. Flowers create intimacy. Boys go at her with confidence and give. And girls you can show daring too, give rose to him.. What’s say?

So, gave a great rose day!! Let your love get deep just like rose colour goes deep as time flies by.. Girls don’t forget to keep that rose in the diary or a book πŸ˜‰. Do share with me…your rose day stories. .

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7 thoughts on “Rose day!!

    1. Yes!! Depends on how expensive one’s heart is.
      Valentine’s Day is the main event but rose day, propose day,teddy day, chocolate day, kiss day are important too.
      Thanks for reading!!

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