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Propose day!!

Yipee!!So, you got red rose, yellow one or white? Let me know. So who gave you or did you gave the rossy rose to him? How you did it? Woohoo..!!

Now next is propose day!! When you say your feeling out loud to him. You feel your heart pumping with excitement. But anyways you say it. Today if you say it you are the hero for yourself. Every girl and boy shall propose and shall never be afraid of rejection. Expressing is never a bad idea. So how you propose him/her?

Even though he doesn’t say it creating a hype. But with just a question and a ring or something like that. It’s okay!! Feelings matter. If you want him for your rest of your life say yes!! Never feel bad just because you can’t create the air on your social media account. It’s the intimate moment between you. Treasure it!! The world will come to know. Dive into the moment.

Let’s talk on instagram @april_autumn12

Take care…


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