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Tuesday talk#1


All well? Share with me

When anything is okay. Everything seems just perfect.When we are okay we keep on giving opinion to people. We try our best to be the cheerleader for someone else. But when it’s about us, making ourself feel okay, we shut down the self-cheering mode, don’t we? Having control on your behavior and the way you’re thinking is important feeling. When you are holding your life’s stirring in your hand, that sense of having everything in control is a great feeling. It helps you, when you have met the worst situations.

I know one thing when we are confused we need to believe ourselves more. Whatever we have learnt so far which includes stress management stuffs, being happy talks becomes garbage when we are sad or stressed . But actually, that’s the correct period to apply the tools. To overcome fears, to overcome challenges you just need to know how to keep yourself in a good state. And obviously we need someone who will believe in us doesn’t matter where they are. Just someone who believes can help us go and excel long way.

To beat up stress prefer spending time in good healthy atmosphere.

To be less anxious, meditation is always great.

Believe in yourself.

And yeah!! Everything is going to be fine!!

You feel like sharing anything with me. Please do.

Let’s speak over instagram@april_autumn12

Take care…!


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