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Express #3

Hey guys!! 

How are you all??  Doing great.. Well that is nice.. 

(right now I m wearing my very comfortable blue herem(pajama like)  and I just massaged my hairs.. So they are looking oily.. And now after some time I will be sleeping..)  

It’s cool here. The season change so rapidly. In India, we have mainly three seasons summer, rainy and winter.. And now as we are about to enter November there is coolness in the breeze… 

I was just stargazing tonight for few minutes today after having my dinner. It was so soothing!!  I got few min. For calming down.. 

Finding something which calms us down is so necessary.

I m breathing like a tortoise. That is helping me in keeping my head calm down. Breathing controls our thinking and our health. If you try to breathe in good way without hurry you will certainly see some changes in you. Even if any not so good situation stands in front of you..being calm helps you and not those gushing and hurried breathing… 
In twenties,  what makes us worry so much?  Is that relationship?  Nah!!  It’s our career after all.. What we will be doing??? Is the question..

Sometimes we may take time to settle down.. Sometime everything will go well and we may get settle very soon and very well.. 

We actually aren’t aware what is gonna happen.. Because everything can’t happen the way we have planned.. 

Know what you want to with your self. You can find solution sometimes on your own.. And if you want any help then we all together can do it. I am there. You are not alone if you have me. We all are weak sometimes, we try to keep the people away. But actually, that’s the moment when we need someone to hug us and listen and cares for us.. For you I will be there always.. Always!!  Be optimistic!! Everything will fall in place. ..


Take care… 


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