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   Have you ever been to the tailoring shop and see your own customised shirt or trousers? Most of you have went to the ready made store and got what you wanted, right?

But to wear a tailor made well fitted trousers or shirts is the good thing. 

The young boys find the way of going to the tailor and making something special fr themselves a little boring as they want everything ready on just one click.  So Rolait is the good option as it serves the boys to get a customised wear just for them. 

Rolait is the startup which provides the young boys good tailoring experience. The men can go to the website and see that the start up gets your measurement, pick up and delivers your outfit on time. 

Diwali is on its way so let’s get to rolait . Get your own well fitted clothing range along with rolait  The price is also budget friendly. 

The clothing will give you more comfort as the fabric used has a range between relatively constructions up to luxurious 120s two ply seaisland cotton. 

After you have placed the order the manufactured shirt which is only for you, will be delivered to your home within three weeks.

  The fabric types begins from premium cotton, cotton linen and cotton 100%  is the top. The colour offered are so amazing that you will get confused which colour will suit you. Rolait offers you a wide range of colours .

So, you could get a good customised clothing range for yourself in an appropriate budget. 

You don’t need to go anywhere. Rolait is there for you! Always! 

The start up is in India and offers free shipping in Mumbai. 

Please do visit the website to avail the facility..:)😊😊❤❤

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