• Nowadays I have been hearing to the word ‘launched’ ample of times in the world news segment. Such and such missile have been launched by this and that nation. (I hope you guys are getting what I n trying to say)

Launching is like  pushing, bringing into limelight or throwing , promoting.

We talk along with our friends, when’s that new iPhone X is launching?  Don’t we?  We talk about when so and so movie is gonna release or going to get launched..right?  We use the word so many times and also have heard.

We shall train our personalaties in such a way that we could launch or establish ourselves in the market with a style and smartness.

I was happy when the book ‘ Fifty shades of grey’ was launched…

And also I get happier when my favourite cosmetics brand launches any good budget product with lots of offers.. 😀

We get happy when some upgraded and out of the box things are launched, don’t we?

Tell me which product launch makes you happy..??

(even if it’s the new coffee flavoured condom which have been launched and you are happy..)  please share…

Thanks for reading..





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