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One year w/o Instagram

Today I read this article on Vanity Fair and kept on reflecting how everyone is feeling the same way. Somehow, everyone can feel it. The social landscapes eliminating the essence of some sort. For me, the year, as I look back has been a blessing. I am so happy that I gave myself the time to sit still and take a breather. I reckon that it was very much, very much needed. I do miss the feed of dogs, skin care serums dripping on faces, ceramides getting squirted out and what not. I do miss the aesthetic for sure and some sarcastically comedians accounts. After the peak of pandemic I really needed a breather, now I can face the next global issue of recession and all war and play and earthquakes and rain and drought and twitter taken by Elon. Another sphere to worry about.

I sat with myself this year and had to face so many vulnerable moments. I felt like being soft and sensitive and didn’t had a prerequisite to turn all my vulnerable moments and shine on reels and do all that. I didn’t felt the need to push through and keep the track of schedules for the gram. This year, with the pause, I understood my body more well. I trusted the process and didn’t rushed to get going but followed what by body needed and wanted without masking it all just for the gram. There was a space to feel it all and kneel down in front of it all. The zone of surrender! Where no hashtag anchors down our true inner strength.

After a decade of being in touch with online world through social media I took the grand pause. A pause which was well taken.

My friends, which friends! I didn’t received any updates via the internet algorithm hence things became quite clear. Lurking through profile pictures and not updating or catching up altogether leaved a clear mark on me. In the area of friendships and all that jazz there are wounds. And this year I dared to pull the band-aid off.

Full stops!

Well, most of the folks, via ads that keep on popping, head on to purchase something. This year, I donated my clothes and turned towards upcycling and recycling stuff as well. The skin care brand I use run a programme called “empties for good” and they send their delivery partner and one just has to pack all the empties and hand it over to that delivery guy. That delivery guy was amazed and asked me “Ma’am, you haven’t ordered anything recently?” He was like, this ma’am is sending empties. When is she gonna order?

So, yeah, I haven’t been putting anything in my shopping cart. I have all that I need and really don’t need to keep on purchasing any new brand that gets on the counter every now and then. Literally, there are so many brands out there. In every category! Thou’ I still keep on browsing like crazy on web.

Relationship wise – It was dripping lust!

Instagram was not a board they all were looking at. Nothing else was dictating. They had to talk to me. Not reacting to stories and all that jazz. It was like one on one and I really like that.

At the moment, I am enjoying FIFA and enjoyed Netherlands vs Senegal match yesterday. Cozy in bed and exclaiming my woohoos I really am enjoying it a lot. During the opening ceremony the telecaster host in India were bulldozed. Their system was not able to quench our thirst. Their system was glitching and lagging and for all the Desi’s it was becoming frustrating on Sunday night. Now everything is alright!

Well, will be doing Vlogmas this year as well on my YouTube.

Feeling blessed and true.

How have you been? Let me know!

Take care


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