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The third hour is going on and I haven't stepped into Instagram. I am happy! I have noticed that during this period Social Media has played a huge role in staying okay with the happenings. Since last few days the stuff online is making me feel overwhelmed. Literally! Here's an excerpt from a book I… Continue reading Social-stuff

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The lust to seek the new

Hello loves, (Do answer my questions at the end) So, I have been taking a note of all the stuff which is trying to come back to normal and in different ways. The two months I have been in the house are the months I thought about each and everyone. When the things are trying… Continue reading The lust to seek the new

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That scary moment

These are the times where I come across with lots of scary moments. Am I breathing properly? Am I doing this well? Is everything good? What's happening? Some times it leaves be trembling and it doesn't matter how calm and composed I am trying to be. It just hits hard! But keeping in faith that… Continue reading That scary moment