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laptop bag

Happy Thanksgiving!

As a short-trip is on the cards I purchased this nice Samsonite High Sierra. My uncle came over so I went along with him to check the shop out. They had great leather cases and all that jazz. He lit a lighter and brushed it across the leather back. Carrying stuff only in hand or using the sling whilst on wheels isn’t my personality.

Hence, I got this beauty! She’s giving ultra cool vibes. My laptop fits perfect in it. It is durable and the cushionesqe compartment is chef’s kiss. I can channel the digital nomad energy and secure great targets and hope for future me. My future me would definitely be happy with this investment.

It is really a great investment to make. I feel so grateful to all the opportunities that aligned that I got to have this bag and I’ll use it for my future adventures and work trips and family trips and steamy trips and work too. I love working a lot!

Having this bag will make my work trips and other trips smooth. Perfect!

I am very happy and grateful to the stars!

my bag, me and feet in qualtos. Blessed!


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