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Talking with my specs on #6πŸ˜‰


What you think about having a behaviour change? Character change? Changing ‘you’? Trying out new ‘version’? May be, that will work on you? Believe me!! That’s worth giving a try. Okay!! Look if you are that hot and sexy person try to throw that swag and become the truly opposite… whatever you think!! (you could get very studious and adopt to a nerdy lifestyle) Spend more times with books and all the academically well and nerdy persons do.. Get yourself involve…. And answer yourself… Do you love being that way?

It’s always good trying out new things…

Being kinky and having lots of sex… Being bold and hot… Give blow jobs to guys… Let them blow our minds.. And make ourselves feel like goddess.. Enjoy everything!! (Try out being like that)

You can be traditional and be good (having sex with husband only.. Sort off) …you know!! (you can be like that) (try being like this if you aren’t…) It has it’s own benefits…

Twenty things every girl shall have in her to do list in her twenties… (You can add on your own too) (Conventional)

Uh-huh..!!! If you have inputs here to add as a conventional person… Please do so..

Conventional is all about not being unconventional. Okay!!

1) Be a bitch!!

2) Build your own career.

3) Try everything!! Search love!! Have lots of kisses and fun.. And then choose. (Why shall boys have all the fun)

4) Be the one who keeps her safety priority.

5) Break the rules.

6) Do something just like a badass.

7) Someday.. If you feel.. Don’t wear a bra..

8) Go on a trip!! One with your gang and one with only you..

9) Try out variety of dishes and make your family eat it..

10) Have control….

11) Go to temple…yes!!

12) If any one is teenage pregnant.. Be with her.. Fight with other people.. Provide her emotional support…

13) Slap a boy..

14) Being unconventional doesn’t mean being arrogant to your family.. But if you are right….. Do it!!

15) Do a nude photoshoot.. On your own or get that hot guy…

16) Promise yourself to bring a conventional person in you after trying all the things.. Because charismatic people have value in world out there… Okay!!

17) If you don’t feel you can ever fit in that conventional mode.. Be what you.. The badass!! Being like that has its own benefits.. I agree..

18) Don’t drink a lot..!! Be a professional. Never loosen yourself too easily.. If you want to end up in bed that night… Be aware!! Make yourself happy..!!

19) Earn a lot my good means..!! Be badass independent.. Girlboss!!

20) Be your own best friend… Know yourself!! Build your empire… Support things which are unconventional but with good content and perspective!!

That’s all… Anything more you would love to add?

Take care!!

Be the best!!

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