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Talking with my specs on#5

Hi!! Hope you are doing well..!!

Whatever we do, whatever life philosophy we try to imbibe in our lives, something is there in the whole world which is going to affect us. Something that is going to shake us up. And that could be anything. Are we so weak that anything can affect us? And the answer is Yes!! (just that thing). So people consider love (intimate) a familiar destroyer… Is it so..?? No!! Actually not..

The loss of our near one or getting bad grades at exams can affect us too. We are left with just one option and that is finding joy ‘on our own’ in little little things. No one is ever going to last forever with us….Ladies, shall not stop themselves from experiencing. I mean why shall boys have all the fun.. Huh?? Just you shall know when to stop. Because genius is all about knowing when to stop.

Start creating awareness among your tribe about the things you are good at. It could be like girls health, periods hygiene and freedom, etc. You shall stand out!! Think out of the box…!! Some chapters are going to close forever. Just for example, are you ever gonna be like a baby…?? Nope.. You grow..!! So,you grow..!! I feel that we all shall learn that when to put that ‘full stop’ and stop thinking about anything which is not going to come back. Well, I m not saying that you shall hold yourself back.. But also, when you know that certain thing is over.. Just end it then and there…. (just as something like one night stands… You did it…it happened.. It may be good or bad… It’s over.. You are on your way now..) ..

If you keep everything hidden inside your heart how will people ever come to know that you appreciate them. Even if you are a lady, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have any right of doing things where till date men are dominant. I know, I know.. Men are born to dominate and if we women want ourselves to be like them, the hormone called as testestorone increases… And it’s (the hormone) is not feminine in nature..

When worries come our way.. It leaves us no doubt crazy.. Am I right..? And people around you.. Will get more worried.. (I just hate it)… Why all of them fall in the ‘expression of worrying’ at the same time.. Huh…!!

Be free!! Break the barriers!! πŸ™‚

Share with me your story… I would love to know you more.

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Take care.. 😘

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