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How are you?? Tell me something when was your breakthrough… 
You then just came out of the comfort zone and gave yourself a break which helps you reach great heights in your career and life overall. 

Even you fall on ground and you come up back to your life with that much of power.. That’s breakthrough moment!!  Correct me if I m wrong.. 

You may be the won who have lived that breakthrough moment… Some of you are gathering courage to have a breakthrough moment… Some are planning to get it next year… But the fact is you can get that breakthrough moment anytime.. Planning isn’t required.. It just happens.. Happens!

Sportsplayer,  actors and musicians.. Have received breaks in their career because of mind-blowing work they have shown. Certainly they have built an upper mark… 

For Leonardo DiCaprio his breakthrough moment was certainly Titanic… 

Just like that… It happened.. 


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