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Tiger Zinda hai


What are your plans to spend the whole day? 

How was your day…?? 

Do you love watching movies?  What I m asking.. Obviously you do.. 😜

Bollywood movies have lots of action and songs to add more flavour..

On December 22nd “Tiger Zinda hai ” got released starring Katrina and Salman. 

The movie begins in a region of the nation Syria. A man is roaming in the lanes of Syria with his hood on and earphones too.. He gets a pen drive which he in hurry gets at his room slams the door and inserts the pd in laptop. That pd contains a message which flashes on the screen saying “They know who you are… ” ..he gets the window closed.. Then only the head of the terror group Abu Osman enters saying to him that ‘how can a journalist have gun’?…they get that agent and behead him.. (cut his neck) …and sends the video of execution to the CIA USA. The US decides to airstrike at the end of 7 day. This seven days are given to RAW agents to take the nurses out as they are been hostaged In. Then Tiger as Salman Khan is entered in the movie with his junior taking him (kid)  at the Alps.. There he fights with the wolves.. Wow..!! Katrina kaif entry in the movie happens in a grocery store where she gets to notice four robbers having guns.. Keeping an eye on the CCTV.. She sees to it that she don’t get captured in the camera while fighting. 

( do watch the whole movie..)  

The movie is amazing..!! 

The songs are amazing.. 

Do watch “swag se swagat”

Things to learn from Katrina kaif:

1) Don’t forget your duty even you have kids. Remain the badass girl you are and carry the strong women in you. 

2) Even your work is calling you and you had to get for the sake of work away… Remember that your husband and kid shall be your strength and not weaknesses.

3) Katrina had a surgery of her hipbone. Still that isn’t stopping her. Be unstoppable!! Give 100%!!

4) Have a swag!! 

Take care……!! 

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