Let’s first see what planet is before moving to the philosophical views of mine.

We live in an universe sphere which includes lots of planets which means a body in the solar system… Hey I m not that science gig to explain about the meaning of planet.. 🙂

We live on the third  planet in our solar system.. Earth!!!

Close to the sun.. There is mercury then Venus which revoked the other direction the planets moves and then our planet.  We are followed Mars Jupiter, Saturn,uranus,pluto.

We get the oxygen…only our planet..!!  Our mother earth..

On these planet which is so huge.. We are so micro like creature if seen from far space… We then live in the continent which have nations in it..which has states then our colonies… And then we live in our house.. When we look in the sky it seems so pure and in night while star gazing we wonder what could be there up..

Our planet earth is the reason we are alive as we get particular amount of h2o and oxygen.. To breathe..

We shall see to it that we keep our earth clean and eradicate the global warming.. And also the nations shall see to it that they live amiably with each other.. Which will make our earth to be a good place to live in… And a heaven.. Which surely is..

Our earth is no doubt Beautiful..

I love my planet.. And I m eager to explore each and every part of our mother earth.. 🙂

She has so much to offer and she loves her sons and daughters…


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