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  it’s the last Sunday of the September!! And from tomorrow the new week starts up. 

The circles and also called as roller coaster… In the picture above..

In the picture above its the idol of “vithal rukhmini”

Today I had a pampering and chill filled day.  In noon my mom and brother decided to go at the karnapura Yatra.  Karnapura is the name of the goddess in my city who is worshipped since last back 200 years. It is said that a rajput  king built that temple.  So every year before Diwali dussehra is celebrated over all India with great enthusiasm and spirit.  During these nine days the goddess is been worshipped. The karnapura fare is in aurangabad. 

In the picture above a man making bubbles.. 

We took a auto rickshaw and went at the fare. There was helter skelter.. People everywhere.. Crowded and chaos..!!  People talking and screaming as nobody could hear each other.. We couldn’t  move a inch more.. As crowded place.. But all the worshipers wanted to go to the temple and reach there anyhow. It didn’t matter how much time is flying. 

In the above picture it’s a view from inside of auto rickshaw
Then we trio mom and my brother along with me held each others hand tight so we could not get lost and hold our expensive things in hand so we kept away from theft which may it was so full with people.

There were things to play for kids and lots of things for shopping for the lady shoppers at low prices so the ladies (including me) haha..!! Got a dress. At just 150 rupees.. Which looks as I have been to a mall and got a branded one.. I was happy.. 

My brother got a favorite of him a play gun.  

We all three were happy enjoying and took blessing.. While praying we forgot how much noise there is around us.  It was so peaceful. That’s the power of spiritual powers which I guess do exists. 

It was good fun and blissful day altogether. 

Ready for coming days and feel greatful to get blessing and had good time..

Have fun in all ways you could but in good way and count your blessings. 

Be happy and youthful. Always. 

Twenties are all about believing in that miraculous power which is all above us and not loosing fun moments. But to live it. 

Because “you live only once”

Smile! Keep loving!! Have a forgiving heart! And take care.. 🙂

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