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A day as an athlete..!! 

When on ground we feel so great… It’s so amazing feeling to be on the ground all the players are around no one is lazy… 

   I got into 400×400 m Relay.. Wh

ere we four girls ran 400m… It was amazing experience… We got second prize and We will be competing with other zones two days later.. In our aurangabad zone we stood second..

We got to click the pictures once the event was over.. Awesome experience..!!

   Athletics is the game which requires lots of stamina and flexibility. It demands from you the discipline. 

I do play cricket.  But this year I participated in the athletic event as well.. 

   We all shall inculcate the sportsman spirit.  It really helps us to face hurdles and success in our lives. 

  Twenties is all about making our clothes dirty and not being shy of throwing ourself to tough situations. We get to know ourself more and can have a competitive spirit in us.  

     We shall have sport in our lives for sure.. Always..!! 

  No matter how much distance we want to cover if we believe in ourself and be zealous we can run, walk and reach great miles.. On our own!! 

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