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Pleasure & fellatio wonders

Gimme more!

Weekend times and got my breakfast done. I was feeling so horny that I couldn’t stop the thirst. I went and took off my panties and saw the blood gushing out. Apparently, periods make me very horny as well. The plan was changed my breast were in the mood caressed them both and attended my body cues. It is still raining and song on my sex playlist changing.

Mom is talking about spirituality on phone with my granny. While her daughter is reaching heavens with her magical Eros. Oily and naughty away from chaos. It feels good! I feel so high. Twenties are rollercoaster with dicks under the thigh.

Self pleasure feels wholesome too.

In other news, while I was onto a sexual escapade I gave him a blowjob and he came within minutes. He was back on to his laptop. We are endless kissers and smoochers. I am so on top of him all the time. Right when things started heating up the electricity went off. He was pretty sweaty as his face was tangled with my pretty hair on. He had his knee surgery a few months back and was requesting me to be careful around his knees and not put any pressure. I totally did the needful. Maybe he becomes very consious about that as in the beginning I was like jumping on so that he could just grab me and pick me up before we do the landing. But I totally get his POV and is understandable. I just want to make him feel comfortable and sweet Jesus when we get one inch closer the chemistry is yummy. Sometimes, we get over each other by hinting some silly arguments about the most ridiculous thing. Ignition point!

There is a different kind of fun in being on top. Savouring the moments!

The forehead kisses are divine. Wanting more!!!!!

I hope every lady gets those beautiful kisses on their forehead.

Any escapade you had recently?

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