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Dil ki Diwali.. (light your heart up) #5

Hi..!!  Today we are celebrating Diwali with zeal. It’s the third day and we all are worshipping goddess of wealth goddess laxmi. On this occasion as well as the two days before we woke up early in the morning.  Massage oil and then have a hot water bath. While bathing we use “ubtan” which is a powder like scrub which is a mix of various ayurvedic herbs as well which leaves air skin soft and glowy.

Today we keep the idol of laxmi and then keep ‘kalash’ to other side.  Kalash is a utensil sort off and in that we keep coconut along with mango leaves. It’s a believe that it is good. 

Rangoli’s are drawn. 

Firecrackers are been burst… 

Have a awesome day guys.. 

Take care.. 

Rangoli!! In the above pic along with a diya in center…you liked it.. Leave a comment down.. 

That’s how I got dressed… Simple Look way… Sometimes less is more. ..right?? 

Even though it’s festival time.. There are low mood swings phases during festivals too… Some shout… Some say bad about you… Then there are quarrels….the sweet Diwali become a bitter… 

But it tends to happen… 

Celebration is more important… 


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