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The want to feel appreciated

There was a point in my life where I used to feel like when I have everything and I am independent I can get whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted it. And that point is still there and I am grateful for it. But since a while my heart has been needing someone else… Continue reading The want to feel appreciated

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The French Evaluation

Hello, As you guys might know I am learning French. And it is going in an escargot speed. But still i am trying to have it in my routine. I hate going on online french classes because then this chick just watches the screen for whole day and then I just can't understand anything the… Continue reading The French Evaluation

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World Mental Health Day!!

Hey!! How are you? Okay.. How are you feeling..? Fine? Good? Sad? Pleasant? Blissful? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? Depressed? Do you feel sad for the long time which have caused depression? It's okay to feel that way. I m glad you know how you feel and there is something you shall work on. On your mental health!… Continue reading World Mental Health Day!!