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Movie Review: Ludo

A still from the movie. Fashion Goals! Hey you love! So yesterday on Diwali I and my brother had a delightful Cinema watching indulgence and we saw LUDO. So, Ludo is basically a Hindi Cinema which just got released over Netflix. Yayeee! Watch the movie's music Here The way the movie is weaved together keeps… Continue reading Movie Review: Ludo

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Movie Review :Chhichore

Hello! Today you will be reading here about the Hindi Movie "Chhichore" which was released this month and here is the trailer This movie revolves around college life, relationships and how to handle the failures. In life we have full proof plans for all the success but we rarely think what happens if we don't… Continue reading Movie Review :Chhichore

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Knowing before messing it all and views on tiktok!!

Hello family!! When you are up for the meeting and it is just 5 minutes away and you get to know that you are wearing your white crisp shirt on turned on wrong side.. It feels terrible! Yes!! It happened with me. And I shall tell you that I got it. Done! And that's important.… Continue reading Knowing before messing it all and views on tiktok!!

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Review #1

I got a review copy from my favorite indie author Kristina Gallo "The guy from another league" As described on goodreads "This is a book about a girl who made a wrong choice. It will bring her humiliation and disgrace. Her relationship will bring out the worse from her. She will gamble with her reputation,… Continue reading Review #1