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women’s day bullshit

The day we celebrate all the vagina owners. Oh boy oh man! The minute I woke up today there were these unsurmountable wishes mounted in my inbox. Awaiting to tap and revert back fucking thank you. Acknowledging that they are wishing me. The discounts coupons thrown to celebrate my femininity. Many of us get very… Continue reading women’s day bullshit

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Trio of disappointments & a moment of sunshine

A) When a person declines your pitch saying nothing about the content itself but about the punctuations then things go downhill. In reality the punctuations are present wherever they are needed. This person is not giving the right feedback at all. There is no constructive criticism. When the pitch was proofread, nothing stupid was found.… Continue reading Trio of disappointments & a moment of sunshine

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Looking for solution #8

Hello, My afternoon are mostly dedicated to sleep these days. It feels great when that sticky saliva sneaks out of the mouth and makes the mattress wet leaving you feel yeuuukk when you get up. Haha! Well, I am having my birthday coming up. Yes! So, I am on the lookout of any stationery shop… Continue reading Looking for solution #8