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That scary moment

These are the times where I come across with lots of scary moments. Am I breathing properly? Am I doing this well? Is everything good? What's happening? Some times it leaves be trembling and it doesn't matter how calm and composed I am trying to be. It just hits hard! But keeping in faith that… Continue reading That scary moment

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The economical concern

Yesterday I took a one day break from social media and it really didn't mattered a lot. Needed that! I spent a bit of time on writing scripts for the upcoming videos and stuff like that and planned what needs to be done this week ahead. As lots of people have lost jobs and as… Continue reading The economical concern

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Social media detox during Quarantine?

There is a big question rolling in my head these days. As I am getting my ass out of the house very less often these days I tend to flourish my sweet ass time on Instagram. Of course, I am creating awesome content which is making people forget the news for a while. I do… Continue reading Social media detox during Quarantine?

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Looking for solution #8

Hello, My afternoon are mostly dedicated to sleep these days. It feels great when that sticky saliva sneaks out of the mouth and makes the mattress wet leaving you feel yeuuukk when you get up. Haha! Well, I am having my birthday coming up. Yes! So, I am on the lookout of any stationery shop… Continue reading Looking for solution #8