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Talking with my specs on #8

Hello, I hope you have been enjoying the lit series called Adrenala's Misty Tales Check out my Internship experience on India's largest platform here. I enjoyed making it as it was created spontaneously which goes with my personality. Simple & sophisticated. Falling in love with my own self. Few days back I shared my experience… Continue reading Talking with my specs on #8

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Adrenala’s Misty Tales #1 |turning20web

Adrenala on the Misty monsoonish afternoon with her wavy hair, tensed look and that tea cup in hand was figuring out what she would get into. She first feels the tremble of choosing to stick to the sum of amount or shall she take any courses to enrich her learning needs. Figuring out! And laying… Continue reading Adrenala’s Misty Tales #1 |turning20web

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Birthday & “After” review.

Hey!! Yes! I saw the movie "After" and I feel that reading the books was much more intense experience. The movie is made in rush I guess and is very very fast. Those who have read the series knew what to expect but of course a one hour movie can't absorb all the scenes established… Continue reading Birthday & “After” review.

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Knowing before messing it all and views on tiktok!!

Hello family!! When you are up for the meeting and it is just 5 minutes away and you get to know that you are wearing your white crisp shirt on turned on wrong side.. It feels terrible! Yes!! It happened with me. And I shall tell you that I got it. Done! And that's important.… Continue reading Knowing before messing it all and views on tiktok!!