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That Onam Day 21/08/2021

Feeling pretty resourceful right now. I am having an introduction meeting few hours from now. Its a client from an agency, you know! I have prepped the presentation deck and I am pretty excited with the solutions I have came up with. A week long project it is. It's rainy weather outside and the sun… Continue reading That Onam Day 21/08/2021

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Dates & Tastes #3

Hey! I was gonna jump on here to document the date I went day before yesterday but yesterday night your lady got into the cycle of listening to music, being on conference call and chatting with the man she went on a date with. This man recommended a movie called as all the bright places… Continue reading Dates & Tastes #3

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It's day 24th of #YWAHome and I am enjoying doing it everyday. Today's practice was "Uplift" and it was good. So, here I am sharing with you my experience as far now on mat. Meeting each day on mat. The journey of commitment calls for cheer our inner self more. Being an entrepreneur it becomes… Continue reading Uplift

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Decade chat with me #3 ( Study to Work)

If I go back ten years I was so willing to go on the Holidays. But now as I have a business I  am more willing to work on the go wherever I go. That's the freelancing freedom after all. But, I am more happy doing the work. I love it!Today, I was chatting with… Continue reading Decade chat with me #3 ( Study to Work)