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The French Evaluation

Hello, As you guys might know I am learning French. And it is going in an escargot speed. But still i am trying to have it in my routine. I hate going on online french classes because then this chick just watches the screen for whole day and then I just can't understand anything the… Continue reading The French Evaluation

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Looking for solution #8

Hello, My afternoon are mostly dedicated to sleep these days. It feels great when that sticky saliva sneaks out of the mouth and makes the mattress wet leaving you feel yeuuukk when you get up. Haha! Well, I am having my birthday coming up. Yes! So, I am on the lookout of any stationery shop… Continue reading Looking for solution #8

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Decade chat with me #4 (those NEWS)

Hello Masters!! Today I will be talking about the People who made us feel scared through this decade because they were some kind of astrologers and all. I am from India and as today we witnessed the Solar Eclipse the TV channels were all caught up making the scarier predictions about the Eclipse and all… Continue reading Decade chat with me #4 (those NEWS)