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Anti-vaxxers around

Oh dear boy! When the people you trust and want them to be in a good state and they don't use the opportunity to do their part and try to use safety precautions. We are stuck right there in a mess. Only I am vaccinated in my family while everyone is an antivaxxer. One of… Continue reading Anti-vaxxers around

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Kissed wish!

First time we met. Book fair was in our fate. We flashed our smile through our masks. Our vibes were meant to be clicked. Non-stop exchanges of glances. Kissing through the running car. First kiss of the decade. Fresh and juicy! The day just was the sexiest day she ever had since a while. She… Continue reading Kissed wish!

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May the sad pang go away

I am tired of the conversations topics which are so repetitive. I am tired of all the social media stuff coming my way. I am tired of everything getting messy. I am tired of the transformation and disruption. I am feeling sad. About how things are getting in my nation. It's heartbreaking. Lately, it has… Continue reading May the sad pang go away