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July: Love and Relationships 2021

Hello fellas! My heart will go on and on! I am very high after getting vaccinated. Ready for him! So, the guy I dated earlier this year came back again and he is good and all but I am not ready to let him in my zone because I hate that so much ambivalence exist.… Continue reading July: Love and Relationships 2021


Conversation between Kobe & Gigi Bryant (fiction)

Today I cried when I listened at Ms. Duncan sharing her memory with Kobe Bryant. He loved being a Girl Dad. Love Mamba!!R.I.P Mamba!!!!!Watch the video hereI was just thinking about what the father daughter duo was speaking about in their last moments. I tried to think! Allow me to write it down and let… Continue reading Conversation between Kobe & Gigi Bryant (fiction)

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Pleasure in Silence #2

Hey guys!! We want ALL to want us and to desire us and love us. But do we forget to love our own self and do we run from our own identity? Sometimes or very often.. ? We can't run from our own selves and forget about the truth which lies within our core... We… Continue reading Pleasure in Silence #2