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Love you all!

Reflection time as usual - The mistake I did this year and hopefully learned from as well was that I let my emotions get the best of me somehow. I allowed myself to feel so vulnerable and like a wounded bird that I had to make an effort to realise how capable I am and… Continue reading Love you all!

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Flashing on!

I was flashing my boobs at myself in the mirror and there was a rush through my body to get those tits sucked. When like everything is at its finest and you are ready to get knocked on and off! Happens with me all of a sudden. After a long month of just working and… Continue reading Flashing on!

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When I took Interview

Hey! First I want to tell you that you are an important part of this WordPress community. So, as I am scaling my business and I took up a task to get some interns on board for a client. So, I took interviews of more than 20 candidates. They all were good. Some were too… Continue reading When I took Interview

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Youtube: Attending Tedx

Hello guys! Few days before this cat got the opportunity to cover the event of Tedx in her town and it was an amazing experience! First of all, I would like to thank Platform for artist for giving me this opportunity. As you already know I have inclined towards YouTube. And in upcoming months you… Continue reading Youtube: Attending Tedx