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Decade chat with me #4 (those NEWS)

Hello Masters!! Today I will be talking about the People who made us feel scared through this decade because they were some kind of astrologers and all. I am from India and as today we witnessed the Solar Eclipse the TV channels were all caught up making the scarier predictions about the Eclipse and all… Continue reading Decade chat with me #4 (those NEWS)

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Hairy power

I hope you already noticed the name change. Yes! Those who are new here let me tell you that the earlier name of this blog was "turning20web" and now it is "20ily april" It's just that! And more 20s I Love You, April I love it!! Will keep on opening up to new things and… Continue reading Hairy power

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Adrenala’s Misty Tales #2 |Turning20web

To read what happened in Adrenalas's Misty Tales #1 click here Adrenala's VO Whatever you do in life and dosn't matter how much you resist you will get back over there, AGAIN. The circle completes itself! Adrenala is up from her bed putting back on the charger with the phone and switching it on because… Continue reading Adrenala’s Misty Tales #2 |Turning20web

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Be prepared with wisdom and condoms!!

Hey!! The day begins with something in head and ends with something in heart. Twenties are all about feeling compassionate towards others. Thou' we experience lots of moments which hurts us. We shall love in every way possible no matter what's happening with us or around us which could be bothering us. We notice! We… Continue reading Be prepared with wisdom and condoms!!