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Flashing on!

I was flashing my boobs at myself in the mirror and there was a rush through my body to get those tits sucked. When like everything is at its finest and you are ready to get knocked on and off! Happens with me all of a sudden. After a long month of just working and… Continue reading Flashing on!

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laptop bag

Happy Thanksgiving! As a short-trip is on the cards I purchased this nice Samsonite High Sierra. My uncle came over so I went along with him to check the shop out. They had great leather cases and all that jazz. He lit a lighter and brushed it across the leather back. Carrying stuff only in… Continue reading laptop bag

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One year w/o Instagram

Today I read this article on Vanity Fair and kept on reflecting how everyone is feeling the same way. Somehow, everyone can feel it. The social landscapes eliminating the essence of some sort. For me, the year, as I look back has been a blessing. I am so happy that I gave myself the time… Continue reading One year w/o Instagram