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Saucy Twenties in April – My Book

You know I went on this independent publishing ride in the last six months and I really enjoy doing it. Kindle eBooks by me! Well, this one which is the collection of 21 poems was published this week. Available on Amazon Kindle & Paperback - here I would really appreciate if you can let me… Continue reading Saucy Twenties in April – My Book

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When I go down they call me Bonita

Hello! Happy to be around here. My happy place. I've been journaling more these days now after my evening ritual. The man in the town with the stethoscope said "I love you" while laying in the bed and I reciprocated. He is very empathetic man and has many layers that really touched me on many… Continue reading When I go down they call me Bonita

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Best Picture Nominees at Oscars

At the moment AI can’t spill out exactly what I feel about Palme d’Or (Triangle of Sadness) and all Oscar Nominated films (Triangle of Sadness and more) . Watching the Oscars so far has been a treat for my eyes and a very elite experience. The theme I see the most tucked in this year's… Continue reading Best Picture Nominees at Oscars

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Love you all!

Reflection time as usual - The mistake I did this year and hopefully learned from as well was that I let my emotions get the best of me somehow. I allowed myself to feel so vulnerable and like a wounded bird that I had to make an effort to realise how capable I am and… Continue reading Love you all!