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Heart over head at this moment

I had a cathartic experience this month where I was called to choose what my heart needs at the moment. Where does it feel happy and is it ready to give up the happiness at this current moment. I went through so many deep thinking process where I was just not willing to give up… Continue reading Heart over head at this moment

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Twenties (so far) birthday version

Had my birthday last week and I've been feeling strong and at peace. Few people are still wishing me in my acquaintances & I am saying "thank you :)" Before the day arrived I ordered good food, tasty food the earlier night and I was high on good food. Lip smacking! This birthday I turned… Continue reading Twenties (so far) birthday version

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Hitting the quarter life

Adulting makes you fall in love with practical things. The discernment muscle starts flexing itself and begins to make choices. My birthday month is here and I've been contemplating on how shall I celebrate the same. Shall I purchase a new dress? Shall I get something different? But my past self would have adored this… Continue reading Hitting the quarter life