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Dates & Tastes #3

Hey! I was gonna jump on here to document the date I went day before yesterday but yesterday night your lady got into the cycle of listening to music, being on conference call and chatting with the man she went on a date with. This man recommended a movie called as all the bright places… Continue reading Dates & Tastes #3

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Making marriage worth celebrating.

So my parents are celebrating their 25th Marriage Anniversary and I feel very blessed. In the morning, I wished them and was keeping forth my thoughts forward as we were talking about how important and how bumpy ride it can be to make the marriage work. I told mom, mommy! I just get bored with… Continue reading Making marriage worth celebrating.

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Movie Review: Ludo

A still from the movie. Fashion Goals! Hey you love! So yesterday on Diwali I and my brother had a delightful Cinema watching indulgence and we saw LUDO. So, Ludo is basically a Hindi Cinema which just got released over Netflix. Yayeee! Watch the movie's music Here The way the movie is weaved together keeps… Continue reading Movie Review: Ludo