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Safety #1

Hi!  Girls need to feel safe..  ... We have our worries  We have moments to savour as well…  We women are the object to stalk or spy on..  A girl is feeling that someone is spying on her, someone is stalking on her all over. …a guy!!  She want to share with her parents and… Continue reading Safety #1

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Express #7

Hey!! I hope you are doing great..  The pain and worry in our lives are unavoidable.  When we face breakups or something happens which brings sorrow to us we all react in different ways.  When anyone of partner passes away it is tough for the one who is surviving.  The love bond of more then… Continue reading Express #7

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Express #4.. one min read.. 

Hi!!  It's November!!!  From today...  I wish you all a great November ahead..  As my mom was along with my Nani (grandma)  I cooked the meal.  I m the girl who don't like cooking anything.  But when you are in some sort of undergoing challenges you have to do. I was doing the mom like… Continue reading Express #4.. one min read..