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Sunshine Blogger Award 2021

If you find the right people on here they will stick with you. Stick with you in your good times and bad. I won't compare any other platform with this and the community because we are living in the world where outrage, social media identity happens to be the currency. The community brings in more personalized experience and it all opens up the windows to very intimate stories which no one within your circle actually knows.

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First birthday of another decade…

Yes! It's 2021 and I am celebrating my birthday of this brand new decade. I am so proud of myself and how versatile I am now and becoming. I look forward to take pretty good decisions ahead as well which will mould my life and hold a good pace for my journey. I am glad… Continue reading First birthday of another decade…

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Dates and Tastes #4

My city has gone under partial lockdown and there is no way I can get out and date and well well. I deleted my account on the dating app too. I want someone who is interested and a confident person. A real man! Why I took that decision? All men I've seen on here are… Continue reading Dates and Tastes #4

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Dates & Tastes- January round up

Ask questions and get straight answers so you are free to wade through the sea even if its on your own. So. So. So. The two guys I was dating are done with. One of them is like very confusing but you know what I really liked him. He is super good with words and… Continue reading Dates & Tastes- January round up