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July: Love and Relationships 2021

Hello fellas! My heart will go on and on! I am very high after getting vaccinated. Ready for him! So, the guy I dated earlier this year came back again and he is good and all but I am not ready to let him in my zone because I hate that so much ambivalence exist.… Continue reading July: Love and Relationships 2021

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That scary moment

These are the times where I come across with lots of scary moments. Am I breathing properly? Am I doing this well? Is everything good? What's happening? Some times it leaves be trembling and it doesn't matter how calm and composed I am trying to be. It just hits hard! But keeping in faith that… Continue reading That scary moment

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Aurangabad International Film Festival

Hello! Today I went to attend a screening of the movie "Andhadhun". The moviegot released in 2018 and today the film was followed by a masterclass by its director Mr. Shriram Raghavan. I am not so into the thriller genres. Really! Anyways, this movie was loved my a lot of people and the actor won… Continue reading Aurangabad International Film Festival

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The Decade chat with me.

Hello bubbles!! Wherever I jump on the internet landscape right now, i just see people writing about "The last month of the decade" Posting photos about #Decade and so on. I really appreciate that! Really!! Oh yes!! Taylor won the Artist of the decade aware. Wow! I love what she is doing. The full moon… Continue reading The Decade chat with me.