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Pop-Culture news

Brittany got married guys! She was looking gorgeous and Selena, Medona, Drew and everyone crash-landed at her wedding. The pictures are right out fairytale. My first Brittany album I ever listened to was Femme Fatale. I am glad she is outta that trap and living her dream now. I admire how candid and journal like… Continue reading Pop-Culture news

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Come & Do our work!

There is a co-working space in my city and they reached out to me for my services. They wanna create their online presence and start an agency as well. So, two projects were offered to me! I asked the owner to let me know the budget. Like, I won't move for you if you don't… Continue reading Come & Do our work!

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Twenties (so far) birthday version

Had my birthday last week and I've been feeling strong and at peace. Few people are still wishing me in my acquaintances & I am saying "thank you :)" Before the day arrived I ordered good food, tasty food the earlier night and I was high on good food. Lip smacking! This birthday I turned… Continue reading Twenties (so far) birthday version