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Possessive Bee!

I am possessive over a yoga mat. So, I practice Yoga or some form of exercise every day. Today my little brother asked me whether he can borrow my Yoga Mat and Oh holy moly allowed him and kept churning through my emotions. "That's my mat. That's where I get to unwind and that's my… Continue reading Possessive Bee!

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Dates and Tastes #4

My city has gone under partial lockdown and there is no way I can get out and date and well well. I deleted my account on the dating app too. I want someone who is interested and a confident person. A real man! Why I took that decision? All men I've seen on here are… Continue reading Dates and Tastes #4

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The Crown: Season 4 The recent season of The Crown aired on Netflix is the most obsessive show I’ve watched this year. There are 10 episodes and my heart was taken by the last episode where we see the two brilliant women in power speaking with each other. That’s the farewell of Margaret Thatcher at Downing street and… Continue reading The Crown: Season 4