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Section 497

My nation have welcomed another decision which says adultery is no more a crime. Having an extra marital affair isn't a crime. If the partner attempts a suicide and the reason is the partner adultery then it is considered as a crime. Otherwise Chalne do!! Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional section 497 of IPC… Continue reading Section 497

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Support for the community.

Hey!! Managed to support.. Okay!! So here it is.. But I m in love with all the men around the globe.. Lots of celebrities supported the community.. Twenties are all about knowing the different shades of humanity. Connect with me for more.. @april_autumn12 If anyone needs any guidance contact me. Feel free..

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Section 377

Is god failing at fixing our souls in human bodies? Which some of the people are feeling that they aren't they and they wants to be someone else... They are he but not she.. And she feels she's not she anymore... Because law have allowed to go with their will.. Where there is not a… Continue reading Section 377

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Cross her heart | turning20web

Cross her heart The way you cross her mind.. Hold her tight Yes!! You are doing it right. She is gonna be still.. She is gonna allow you to cross her... Cross her mind.. Do things for her and surprise her.. Though you aren't there.. Your thoughts.. Cross her mind.. ┬ęturning20web .............................. There are so… Continue reading Cross her heart | turning20web